Artists from our C19 Gallery Residencies and postponed exhibition program took over our Instagram for three days per week April-June 2020. Information about the participating artists below.



WB 6/4/2020

Kinly Grey works with light, smoke, metaphysics, and feeling. Their explorations have previously considered possibilities for how to apprehend infinity, how to glimpse the divine, how to step outside the horizon, how to feel colour, and how to believe your own existence. Currently they’re exploring possibilities for how to make the world turn.


WB 13/4/2020

Tay Haggarty’s practice explores how reductive forms can be used as an open field to reflect upon personal and shared experience. These investigations take the form of collaborations, performances, videos, installations and sculpture. Haggarty uses industrial and ready-made materials that, when arranged within a space, heighten precarious elements through tension and balance. Their work is often minimal and site specific.


WB 20/4/2020

Isha Ram Das is a sound artist and composer primarily concerned with ecologies of environment and culture. He works with experimental sound techniques to produce performances, installations and recordings. He was the 2019 recipient of the Lionel Gell Award for Composition, and has scored feature-length films and nationally-touring theatre installations. He has performed at institutions such as the Sydney Opera House; Black Dot Gallery, Melbourne; Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane; Metro Arts, Brisbane; Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; and Boxcopy, Brisbane.


WB 27/4/2020

David Spooner is a Brisbane-based multidisciplinary artist who draws inspiration from the natural and unnatural worlds. David graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours from the Queensland University of Technology in 2003 and in 2008 completed a Masters in Visual Arts at Griffith University (Queensland College of Art). A recent show featured 52 drawings in response to running over Brisbane’s Story Bridge 52 times. David’s latest project involves creating one drawing every day over the course of each year and numbering it accordingly. 2020 is the third year in a row they will be doing this. David draws connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and materials to create his new work, revealing in the process the complexity of the inner logic that drives his practice. Using textiles, found objects, knitting, machine and hand stitching, David creates three dimensional installations that play with literal and imaginative narratives. David has exhibited nationally at Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Metro Arts, Next Wave Festival, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, The Walls Art Space and Wreckers Art Space. He has collaborated with the artist-run initiative The Wandering Room and with the artist David Creed in a collaborative duo known as David/David. David has been a visiting artist in the Sculpture Department at Australian National University, Canberra, and was the recipient of the Cathryn Mittelheuser Travel Grant, studying in Paris and London. He was recently a part of a major group exhibition at the QUT Art Museum in Brisbane where he showed his textile installation ‘Quartz Quilt’. More recently he showed 365 Monstera Deliciosa drawings at the artist run initiative ‘The Wandering Room’’ and embarked on a 3rd performance of Plant Based Drag as Monstera Deliciosa.


WB 4/5/2020

Callum McGrath is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based artist who produces research-driven video, installation, images, text, sound, and sculpture that reimagine institutionalised aesthetics and functions of archives and historiography. Interested in the erosion of time and cultural memory, McGrath’s video, photographic, and sculptural practice is placed in a dialogue with installation-based environments to describe how a queer lens can help us negotiate our relationship to the past. 


WB 11/5/2020

Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer is an artist and independent curator whose practice is concerned with the digital conditions of contemporary life. His practice engages with the cultural functions of imaging technologies and examines how networked cultures make use of the history of representation.

He has exhibited in a number of galleries including UNSW Galleries and Milani Gallery, and artist-run spaces including First Draft (Sydney), Kudos Gallery (Sydney) and Bus Projects (Melbourne).

Nicholas graduated with Honours from a Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media at UTS in 2014 and in 2019 completed a Masters of Fine Art (Research) at UNSW Art and Design.


WB 18/5/2020

Sally Molloy is an artist based in Brisbane, Queensland. Her practice is informed by her relationship to the stolen Jagera and Turrbal lands she inhabits and critiques the forms of colonisation that manifest in her everyday life. Orbiting around conceptual terrains of whiteness studies, postcolonial theory, and the problematical Australian landscape tradition, her work is often awkwardly humorous and fused with an uneasy reverence. Sally works across disciplines such as painting, video, sculpture, sound, needlework, collage, and poetry; often questioning the implied hierarchy of media with her naïve aesthetic and enthusiasm for play. Sally is a current PhD candidate at the Queensland College of Art.


WB 25/5/2020

My visual language unfolds through a variety of media, often reassembling and modifying discarded household objects, furniture and popular culture debris. I work towards building spaces that reflect what I value and find important and this usually requires me to re-establish and satisfy an ongoing set of aesthetic parameters. Within these parameters things teeter between ‘image and object, the organic and artificial, form and anti-form’.


I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) with Honours at the Queensland University of Technology in 2010 and i'm a founding director of the Artist Run Initiative ‘Accidentally Annie St Space’. More recently I run projects on my rooftop in Red Hill, which I named 'The Soylent Spot'.


WB 8/6/2020

Tiana Jefferies is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based artist working with projected moving image, photogrammetry and casting techniques to form sculptural installations. Their practice offers a framing of affective thresholds through an object-oriented lens. Spaces between body and object are engaged with through movement practice and casting processes in an attempt to enter into playful dialogue with lingering affective qualities. Original and cast objects are then intertwined in installations to form playful, interconnected relationships with the aim to communicate a meshy ecosystem of with no centre, periphery or hierarchy.


WB 15/6/2020

Alannah Dair is an interdisciplinary artist based in Djubuguli (Sydney). Her current practice exists at the intersection between painting, sculpture and installation; exploring issues regarding health and chronic illness in order to challenge the societal and cultural systems that govern our bodies. To convey the experiences had through her lived body, Dair approaches her practice through the lens of expanded painting as she equates this medium’s self-reflexivity and hybridised nature to that of her own chronically ill body, as they both exist in liminal states between health and illness, and painting/sculpture/object.


Outer Space acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land where this project takes place, Meanjin, and pays respect to Elders - past, present and emerging. 

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